Our Mission

We are a Christ-centered preschool that believes learning should be fun! We believe that the world is God’s amazing masterpiece of creativity, and that mankind is created in God’s image. Therefore, we encourage our students to use their God-given abilities and talents.

Have you ever noticed that children have a lot to say about a lot of different things? They are adamant about doing things in a certain way and reaching a goal in a way that might seem unconventional to us. Well, this is something that we love to tap into and expand upon in a setting that will both nurture and challenge them. Our mission is to provide a loving Christian environment that motivates children to reach beyond the stars. We know God made the stars so they could shine, and we apply that same philosophy to our students. Allowing our kids to explore and express their ideas is a foundational part of helping them discover what interests them and where their talents lie. Tapping into their creative side takes the pressure off the children to just acquire skills and allows them to express thoughts and opinions. A healthy balance between acquiring skills and creativity sets a pace that builds confidence and independence.

We consistently maintain and surpass academic standards in an environment that encourages and praises, thus building our students’ confidence. With clear expectations and goals, we build creative opportunities into related lessons. As your child becomes more confident and secure, they will jump at the chance to try new things without feeling the need to be “perfect.” By knowing that they are God’s creations, they will feel confident to step out with their “big ideas”!