A Typical Day

Our day includes structured and non-structured activities, which will
focus on several areas based on your child's age-group.

Three-year-old Class:

3yrs by December 1

Listening skills, following directions,
developing friendships

Fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, pencil
practice, gluing, etc.)

Large motor skills (hop, run, tip toe, bounce, etc.)
Calendar time, weather, story time, arts & crafts

Music, ribbon fun, beanbags, rhythm sticks

Introduction to letters/sounds, numbers, colors, shapes

Monthly scripture memorization with
songs, bible stories

Pre-Kindergarten Class:

4yrs by December 1

Emphasis on independence and following directions

Letter and sound recognition, letter formation,
fine motor skills

Number and quantity recognition

Classification, sequencing, patterns,
language development

Story recollection, story creation, guessing outcomes

Music, Large motor instruction, visual perception skills

Monthly scripture memorization with songs,
bible stories

Kindergarten Readiness:

5yrs by December 1

This five-day program is designed for children who are eligible to start kindergarten but have late birthdays or other circumstances where an extra year of enrichment would be beneficial. A minimum of ten students is required to hold this class.  Placement of older preschoolers (5yrs by March 15) will be based on class availability, teacher's recommendations, and director approval. This class is an in-depth study of the
Pre-K curriculum listed above as well as:

Big Learning with Clifford the Big Red Dog

Favorite Artists and Authors/Unique Literature Units

Math Readiness/Sudoku Fun

Phonemic Awareness in: Literature, Science, Geography and The Arts

Exposure to different languages

Monthly scripture memorizations with songs, Bible stories